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Girls Rugby Socials!

Hey I've had some ideas for the girls rugby socials. I've priced up go-karting! I'm not sure whether its a good idea or not though! The track is based at Liskeard.
U15's and Anyone Under 16 (including little bro's and sisters!):
Unfortunately, the track only let people aged under 16 on the "Junior Karts". However these karts are cheaper, and do still go 28mph!!
10 Minutes - £8
20 Minutes - £16
30 Minutes - £22
U18's and Anyone aged over 16 (including mums, dads & coaches!)
The karts the 16 and overs would be using reach speeds of 40mph! Because you're so low to the ground as well, it feels faster!
10 Minutes - £10
20 Minutes - £20
30 Minutes - £28
Let me know what you all think! I'll have a look around at other places/prices, but I'm not sure they'll come much cheaper than that!
Kerry xxxx
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