Tavistock Girls RFC
Hammy Kerswill

Name: Marc Richard Kerswill
Nickname: Hammy, Ham, Hamdogg, Gut, Belly, Chins, Blob
Position: Coach, As a player: Hooker/Prop but really a fly half in a props body!
Favourite Food: Obvious answer would be everything! As I love food, but being vegetarian it would have to be Cheese, Salad Cream, Mint Ice Cream and Quorn!
Favourite Film: Top 5 would be: Green Mile, Remember The Titans, School Of Rock, Hangover and Forest Gump!
Likes: Food, Beer, Rugby, Cricket, Coaching, Beer, Laughing, Reality TV, Money, Friends, Tavistock, Gambling, Poker, Impressionists!
Dislikes: Cider, Meat, Programmes like the OC, Arrogance, Bad Manners
Best Rugby Moment: Playing Devon U15s, Scoring first try for 1st XV, Promotion last year!! And Having 12 girls get in county in 2009!
Worst Rugby Moment: Losing to Okehampton 2 years running at home! Being dropped by 1st XV!
Words Of Wisdom: “Pain is temporary, Trophies last forever!” “Play the players not the teams!” “A good Big-Un always beats a good Lil-Un!”
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